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YabiSaba is a bleisure travel app that makes it easy for workers, digital nomads, expats, travelers & entrepreneurs to discover unique and amazing experiences to explore around their local city and favorite destinations around the world while they are working or visiting.

YabiSaba has made it very easy for any business or any individual to spend some time exploring destinations around their local cities and famous destinations around the world while working or visiting. They can choose from an abundance of unique and amazing experiences imagined by YabiSaba and it’s partners that take you to the most loved and unheard destinations in the world. From monthly subscription deals for unique and amazing experiences plus intimacy with your favorite sports clubs, luxury hotels and car dealerships and so much more!

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Merge your personal life with your professional life!

Bleisure through YabiSaba has many advantages It, Encourages employees for a few moments of relaxation during and after work and as a result this has a very positive effect not only for the work itself but also for the company as a whole.

We partnered with hotels, lodges, guest houses, resorts, sports clubs, events, beauty & spar salons, radio stations, TV show productions and various exciting companies to create bleisure packages you can enjoy. Work and attend a meeting in the morning then go on a city tour in the afternoon or even do a barbershop visit all with just a few clicks on YabiSaba!.

Make the most of your destination, lunch breaks, time off, Off days!

Whether it's bleisure for a Italian breakfast with a famous CEO, a massaging session at a beauty spar, a late sunset friday boat cruise, a football stadium intimate tour to see your favorite sports teams, a long business trip in your favorite city, YabiSaba has you covered with abundant adventure!

YabiSaba is more than just a bleisure travel app, it's lifestyle!

Who said business, work and pleasure have to be separate? traditionally bleisure was something people did before a meeting or a conference or afterwards. The way we consume experiences now has changed and with YabiSaba you can now enjoy unique and amazing experiences in a more flexible approach.

Abundant Adventure Awaits

MTN App Awards Best Hackathon Solution

YabiSaba was voted the best Hackathon Solution at the MTN Business App of the Year Awards 2022.

Subscription Plan

Subscribe to our monthly unique experience service and enjoy

multiple bleisure deals every month


R 1300/month

  • Barista/wine/beer/music lessons/other - week 1(once)
  • party/festival/event/celebrity meet & greet + quality photography - week 2(once)
  • Be a radio station/tv production show guest - week 3(once)
  • Visit a luxury hotel/car dealership + a test drive - week 4(once)


R 2900/month

  • Barista/wine/beer/music lessons/other - week 1(twice)
  • Party/festival/event/celebrity meet & greet + quality photography - week 2(twice)
  • Be a radio station/tv production show guest - week 3(twice)
  • Visit a luxury hotel/car dealership + a test drive - week 4(twice)


Upon Request

Special Treatment

What does bleisure deal on YabiSaba look like?

The app shows you short-and-long term unique and amazing experiences around your local city and around the world that you can explore while working or visiting. We have amazing deals that include accommodation, tournaments, restaurants, venue visits, boat, cruises, interactions with sports teams, TV productions & radio shows, festivals, courses and more local or nearby attractions and events that you could be interested in while you are working. All packages are carefully picked and organized by YabiSaba and its partners.

I can simply book my own experiences with any other tour operator

if I wanted to have a bleisure, Why should I use YabiSaba?

You want to spend your time around your local city or in a destination working remotely and enjoying leisure but how do you spend your time? It can be challenging without motivation from your company and a proper plan but the good news is that at YabiSaba, we have taken the initiative to work closely with our partners to create an exclusive segment for you to enjoy bleisure travel at the highest level. YabiSaba takes into account aspects such as distance, traffic and routes when creating bleisure experiences for you.

What type of services are available services are available on YabiSaba?

YabiSaba has other built in services within the app to make it easier for someone travelling to understand what's possible in their destinations, you can find a directory containing reliable ride hailing driver services, grocery delivery services, restaurant delivery services, health services around major cities and the things you don't think about in the context of a leisure trip. Get information that locals typically know about at your fingertips and be on top of your game!

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Exclusive VIP Access, Cameos with your favorite stars & celebrities!

You can enjoy exclusive-intimate VIP sports fan engagement with top sports teams, connections & cameos with your favorite stars, going behind the scenes and seeing how some of your favorite TV and radio shows are produced, going on excursions with your favorite celebrities, train with high profile athletes, helicopter rides, festivals, esports tournaments, drone shows, martial arts & movie nights.

Discover & attend unique courses taught by leading industry experts where you will learn amazing craftsmanship from scratch at your own pace & rediscover your purpose

Art, music, farming, learn new languages

Architecture, film, weaving, beer making

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