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The Ultimate Work and Play Experience!

No more paying for
Baggage Fees!

“I would never, ever check a bag” Marc Casto, president of the leisure brands in the Americas for Flight Centre Travel Group, told the Washington Post in June 2022.

Voted Best Hackathon Solution at The MTN App Awards 2022

About Us

YabiSaba is a bleisure travel app that makes it easy for workers, digital nomads, expats, travelers & entrepreneurs to discover unique experiences and a network of electronic parcel kiosks providing convenient access to fresh, comfortable and stylish clothes for their trips.

With an easy-to-use online reservation system, customers could browse through a variety of styles and sizes available for rent. Once a reservation is made, travelers could pick up their fresh clothes from an electronic parcel kiosk conveniently located at airports after their flights, at their destinations or at selected venues.

Before departure, customers could drop off the rented clothes at a selected electronic parcel kiosk, saving them from carrying dirty laundry or massive home.

YabiSaba was born during a hackathon in South Africa, YabiSaba was voted the best Hackathon Solution at the MTN Business App of the year Awards 2022.

The Best Bleisure Travel App

Why choose YabiSaba

No more hours of packing and unpacking for trips!

Any business or any individual can spend some time exploring travel destinations around the world without the hassle of packing and unpacking travel clothes for hours

Seamless and stressless airport check-ins and check-outs

No more waiting in long queues for hours at the airport just to check-in your massive bags.

No more paying for baggage fees and losing your bags!

Chances of your precious luggage getting potentially lost by the airline have now been eliminated and you don't have to pay for any fees too!

Comfortable clothes available for your flights!

You can now order and wear comfortable clothing during your long flights.


Top Destinations

Cape Town,

South Africa

2 Available Kiosks


Coming soon...
New York,


Coming soon...
Log Angeles,


Coming soon...

United Kingdom

Coming soon...


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


What people say
about Us.

Yolle Joane(Beer Production Expert)
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

"When I arrived in Capetown, South Africa to work remotely for 3 months I ddnt bring much clothes and I remember going for a hiking trip at Lions head with my friends but had no right gear, I then heard about YabiSaba, from a security guard where I was staying, gave it a try I was blown away! They literally bring the clothes to you at your lodge or you can find them at selected areas! Obrigado for the convenience during my stay!"

Anna Rodriguez(UI UX Designer)
Quito, Ecuador

"YabiSaba is a very great service for tourists, especially if its your first time in South Africa. The weather changes all the time and having clothes to choose from really made things smooth for me"

Sebastian Savic(Project Manager)
Serbia, Belgrade

"I hesitated when I was trying the the service but it turned out to be very better than I had thought. I've used clothing rental service when I travelled to Sweden a year ago and the experience was very bad, The clothes were not well maintained and I had to Iron them myself, YabiSaba proved me wrong!"

No need to Check your Bags!
No more paying for Baggage Fess!










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